The Game

RevEarth is a sidescrolling game that tells the story of Jessica, an ex-detective who quit her job to work in the security area of a Science Company in order to have less stress and more quality time with her family, but after an accident in the company, she went into coma and now that she woke up, everything is a mess and she must find her family.

We want the player to feel immersed in the world we created and be intrigued enough to make their own paths to find answers and know more about the story that surrounds the game.

RevEarth has a lot to explore. The player can find a lot of information about the story, answer a lot of questions and make a lot of theories that surrounds RevEarth's universe. The developers leave that up to the player.

We want the player to feel how hard RevEarth can be by getting envolved in situations that must be solved with logic or guns!

You will find guns and meele weapons, but you have to be smart and choose carefully the best time to use them.


You can play the demo. Download on GameJolt link below:

Survive the post-apocalyptic world. Kill monsters. Fight survivors. Find your family.




Seems like you were dreaming for a while but now that you woke up, everything seems so different. Your apartment is a mess, the city is very quiet, TVs and radios are just static. You search for you family but they are nowhere to be found. You are very confused and worried about them.

Your last memory was an accident in the company but you don't quite remember what happened.

But you know what you want… to find your family.


Jessica had a very common childhood. She lived with her mother and aunt, her father almost was never home, because he used to work for the government and travelled a lot. She had a dog named Flint and she didn't meet her grandparents. Her mother was a well-known detective and that inspired Jessica to work as a detective too. During her time as a detective, she met her husband, a scientist in a company. After they got married, she wanted to start a family but her job was too stressful, so her husband got her a job in the same company he worked in the security area. Then after a complicate pregnancy , she gave birth to her daughter Anna.

After long years they were happy and life was good again. But recently, an accident in the company make her fall into a coma. Now that she woke up, everything is a mess and her family is gone.

Since we started as developers we wanted to make games where we can reach the player's heart and make our games special experiences that will remain in their minds for a long time. With RevEarth this is exactly what we are aiming to build. We care a lot about the project, we want to make it really immersive, so the player can dig deep into the story while enjoying our gameplay. We believe the Free Demo show this pretty well.


The development started with a partnership between Studios Gabriel and Rog A. de Souza that is responsible for the pixel art style of the game.

Rog Portfolio:


Steam Greenlight

We have been greenlit on Steam with only 7 days. Thank for everyone who supported.