The Game

Project Eden Arrival is a first player camera, that tells the story of Adam, that seems to woke up in the middle of space and is drag by a worm hole. And he must find out what is happening.

The game on based in the stories sci fiction, the story itself is very intriguing  and was the main focus of the game.

About the gameplay, in the demo the player must find a way out of the strange cave that he woke up.

To help the player is a strange stone that glows as the will of the player and he can throw it to see where he is going.

But in that cave habit some strange creatures that can't see, but can hear. So the player must be silent enough when searching around the cave.


This was Gabriel's first project ever. He had to learn everything, from programming to marketing. In just only 3 months, on his free time. He doesn't like to admit but was a very successfully accomplished from someone that doesn't knew anything in that time.



You can play the demo. Download on GameJolt link below:

Gabriel''s Thoughts

Everyone who start as a developer dreams to make a triple A game. A lot of new developers start a project like that. But they don't know anything that surround the game industry... And I wasn't a exception.

I start the project buying a Oculus Rift and try to getting the help from a lot of people. In the end no one really helped... But this is not a problem to me, I always have a plan B.

In my free time, everyday I was able to walk step by step and finally releasing a demo.

Of course is not perfect... Actually is pretty far from it. But I'm proud of it, remember me that all the effort that I will ever put on a project will worth the results.

Nowdays I would change a lot of things in this game. But I will let the way it's now... To remember my "Future Me" that everyone have a start.

Fear... Fear never changes... Is it all in his mind? Or is it true? Can we escape our own reality? Try to discover the amazing history of Project Eden!


Project Eden Arrival